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The Real Career Killers

We all hear talk about things that can kill your career. A missed opportunity? Bad presentation in an important meeting? Lost customer? While these things won’t help your career, they certainly don’t define your overall career path. So, what are … Continue reading

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What Recruiters Look For

In this time of restructuring, downsizing and double-digit unemployment, it’s more important than ever to be ready when a recruiter calls. Being ready means telling a concise and compelling story that demonstrates how your background matches to what the company … Continue reading

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Don’t Fall Asleep on the Job When You’re Working from Home

Working from home has many benefits: you don’t have to commute, you don’t have to “suit up” and you don’t have co-worker “Joe” chewing the fat about things you couldn’t care less about. There are many distractions at the office … Continue reading

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Outplacement is Like an Orange: Squeeze It for All it’s Worth

Thousands of people got laid off last year and were offered outplacement. In case you don’t know what outplacement is, it’s a firm that specializes in assisting recently laid off people with their job search. Outplacement is a great resource … Continue reading

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