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Energize Your Network

We come in contact with people all the time who have made the mistake of not staying in touch with their network.  They’re busy with work and their personal lives and while they know it’s important, they just haven’t made … Continue reading

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How To Successfully Delegate

One of the key things holding back a manager is their inability to effectively delegate.  Delegation not only gives your team the opportunity to grow, it also frees you up to work on more strategic things.   What we typically … Continue reading

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Interviewing Your Potential Boss

Your old boss is gone and there’s someone in the conference room who could be your next boss.  Later that day, you are scheduled for a one-hour interview with them. Yikes!    You’re nervous about how your interview will go. … Continue reading

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Make Optimism Job One!

Life is too short to go around focusing on the negative.  We all have disappointments at work, it’s how we deal with them that makes all the difference.    Maybe your marketing budget just got slashed; or your major competitor … Continue reading

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How Do You Rate As A Boss?

Today is National Boss Day.  It prompted us to think about various bosses we’ve had in our careers and what separated the good ones from the bad.   As coaches we’re even more aware of the impact a good boss … Continue reading

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The Right Approach to Informational Interviews

Informational interviews have the potential to yield significant benefits, assuming you have the right approach.  Some people make the mistake of approaching them in a very casual manner, sitting back and letting the interviewee do all the work.  Others may … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Hire an Executive Coach?

People turn to executive coaches for a variety of reasons.  Sure, if you’re in a jam, an executive coach can help, but they’re not only for crisis situations.  People used to hire executive coaches in reaction to a pressing situation.  Now, … Continue reading

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