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I'm originally from New York - lost my accent when I moved down to Florida - and made San Francisco my home in 1985. I've been recruiting & coaching for 12 years, with the best partner (Fred) you could ask for, and love what I do. When I'm not busy working I write screenplays (haven't sold one yet) and travel - Morocco this past summer was fantastic. Fred and I started this blog because we wanted to share what we've learned along the way. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we do writing it.

Creative Ways to a Second Career

Many people long to do something different. They dream about starting a new career but can’t get past the common hurdles: how to leverage what they know into what they love and how to live on less, as a new … Continue reading

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How A Coach Can Help When Your Own Efforts Fail

You’ve been wanting a new job, a new career, a new “fill in the blank” for a while now.  Despite your best intentions you haven’t been able to start.  Or you’ve started but what you’ve tried hasn’t worked. Even though … Continue reading

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Communication Goals for the New Year

Of all the goals you set for yourself, one of the most important ones is probably not on your list — communication goals. As important as communication is, most people overlook this as a critical goal. It’s impossible to be … Continue reading

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Building New Year Momentum Now!

Many people view the month of December as a time to wrap things up (no pun intended) in order to start fresh in the New Year.  If you’re one of these people, you may have projects that are lingering and … Continue reading

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Need a Job? Work Your Alumni Network

Jonathan Greenglass graduated in 2009 from Holy Cross with a degree in Sociology and something maybe even more important, a job. He was hired as an analyst by the investment banking firm, Sandler O’Neill, and attributes his success in getting … Continue reading

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Want a Higher Performing Team? Act Like a Talent Agent

We all know how important it is to develop your people. Many companies place a premium on how effective you are in helping your people grow and may base part of your bonus on it. But, what if your entire … Continue reading

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Misconceptions of Working at a Non-Profit

For the longest time you have been thinking about how great it might be to follow your passion and work for a non-profit. You fantasize about what it would be like, working with people just like yourself who are passionate … Continue reading

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