Welcome to Whelan Stone’s Blog.
We are very excited about “Take Five”, which we believe provides some interesting perspectives around career issues.  
Our goal is to give readers new ideas on how to look at workplace issues, whether it is coaching you through a career-changing decision, or helping you with the day-to-day realities of your job. We look forward to your feedback and comments on our opinions and hope they provide new insights into situations you face as you move through your career.


  1. jerry says:

    I am a student of the university of manchester, this month one of your staff help us to draw a picture of our catoon head portrait. While I leave my Email, but I never receive a email from you, could you please help me to check it?
    I really like take five. Thanks.

  2. whelanstone says:

    Hi Jerry,
    Glad you like Take Five!

    I think you are referring to another company regarding the cartoon. Neither Fred nor I are good at drawing 🙂

    Keep reading!

  3. Jay says:

    Hi, I am currently sitting here trying to write an e-mail to an H.R. representative in my company explaining / more or less why I want the position I applied for. She says it would be a lateral move with NO change in salary but I am not interested in any change in salary sadly…I am more interested in expanding my horizons and learning something new…Make any sense? Any suggestions as to what to say to her? Please help!!!

  4. whelanstone says:

    Hi Jay,
    Look at this from the company’s perspective. What can you bring to this new position that makes you an excellent choice? Let them know by broadening your skill set you’ll be more valuable to the company. The fact that you like learning is great – turn that into a benefit for the company. For example, tell them how your ability to learn quickly in other areas has been a benefit to them. You may have brought forward new initiaives that resulted in increased sales or cost savings. Use your past successes as leverage points to get this new job.

    Hope this helps,
    Fred & Gladys

  5. Randy says:

    I had the privilege of working with Fred and Gladys as professional coaches. My experience working with them was amazing. At first I wasn’t sure how it would work to have two coaches, but I soon realized the many benefits. Each brought unique perspectives to understanding a situation, but they came together to provide well thought out recommendations and action plans that helped me navigate through challenging situations. Fred and Gladys are hands-on results oriented coaches that are extremely focused on helping their clients succeed. The tools and techniques I learned in that experience will help me throughout my career.

  6. whelanstone says:

    Thanks, Randy. We enjoyed working with you and are glad to know that you’re doing well.

    Fred & Gladys

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