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How to Plan Your Exit and Not “Just Quit”

 If you feel trapped in a job you can’t stand, you may be tempted to just quit. As understandable as this may be, it’s the last thing you want to do as this will haunt you when you need a … Continue reading

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Didn’t Get the Promotion? Get Over It Or Keep Losing

Getting passed over for a promotion can be painful. It certainly was in Cindy’s case. She had been working on a project for several years and every indication was that she was doing a great job. As the project scaled … Continue reading

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What All Good Mentors Do

Most people we know have benefited from having a great mentor, someone who has helped accelerate their career. Because of that, they’re now in a position to be a mentor themselves. While companies encourage mentoring there’s often little guidance on … Continue reading

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Employer vs. Employee Mentality. Which Do You Have?

We were coaching a woman (we’ll call her Donna) who is an associate partner in a law firm. Donna has been with the firm for 10 years and was promoted to limited partner 18 months ago. The managing director of … Continue reading

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Help! My Co-Worker Is Now My Boss

Everything was going great, your career was rolling along and then the announcement came down from the executive suite that your co-worker, NOT you, got the much coveted promotion.  Darn!  And you were friends too, so this feels even more … Continue reading

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Getting Ahead Without Kissing Up

People often complain when others get ahead that they’ve done so by “kissing up” to the boss.  These people frequently say “I’d rather not get that job if it means pretending to be someone that I’m not.” They see trying … Continue reading

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How To Successfully Delegate

One of the key things holding back a manager is their inability to effectively delegate.  Delegation not only gives your team the opportunity to grow, it also frees you up to work on more strategic things.   What we typically … Continue reading

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