Social Media to Get a Job?

It’s no secret you need to get creative if you want to find a job in this market. You’ve probably done the standards: the networking thing, informational interviews and job sites. But what more can you do to stand out?

Lots of people are using social media to get jobs. They are Twittering and YouTubing their way to employment. But how exactly are they doing that?



Here are some of the ways they’re using social media to land great jobs:
1. Twitter – Twitter is a great way to quickly connect with people to tell them what you’re doing and find out what they’re doing. If you’d like to get a job at Apple, Twitter that! For example, Twitter “Looking for a job at Apple. Know anybody there — doesn’t matter who.” Even if no one answers you’ve put it out there on a large scale that you want to work at Apple. Follow tweets about what’s going on at a particular company. For example, find out what a speaker might have just said at a conference about a business problem they’re facing. Then send them an email and tell them how your background can solve that problem.

2. YouTube – While YouTube has mostly fun videos of people doing everything but business, many companies post “How to’s” or business presentations that can tell you a lot about what’s going on in that company. Do an advanced search for news in a company you’re interested in working for. After viewing the video, post a comment — or even better — a video response. A video response can be like a mini-ad for you. It will tell the viewer how you think and how you present yourself. People who appear in these company videos want to see who is saying what about their topic. This will give you an excellent chance to make them aware of you. And with a video response you can do it over and over until it looks just right. After posting the video response, wait a week and follow-up with them — either a call or email to let them know what you thought about their presentation. That will open doors for you.

3. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great networking site and if you’re not on it already — get on it! Fill out your profile completely — list your accomplishments under each job. Too many people just list the places they’ve worked, the years they were there and the title they held. They tend to leave out the good stuff — their accomplishments, which can trigger a response from a recruiter. Also, put your email address right on your profile. It makes it easier for recruiters to contact you. LinkedIn also has “Answers,” a section which people use to get answers to questions they have. An easy way to raise your profile is to answers questions on LinkedIn to demonstrate your expertise. For example, recently there was a question that asked “What is the best & worst day to make a new product launch?” If that’s your background, answer the question. It’s an opportunity to show how you can add value. You can then follow-up with an email to the person asking how the product launch went.

4. Follow Blogs – Find someone who’s blogging for a company you want to work for and make comments on their blogs. People who blog really appreciate comments and that will raise your profile with that person.

5. Create a Blog – Start your own blog about your job search. Make it fun and make it a point to talk about the companies that you’re interested in. Tell people how you’re going about your job search and the things you’ve come across. Diablo Cody, the woman who wrote Juno, got discovered by blogging. A producer enjoyed her daily blog and contacted her about writing a movie. Let your personality shine through and keep focused on what you’re interested in — getting a job!

These times call for creative measures. Be creative, have fun. Looking for a job doesn’t have to seem like work. One woman who was determined to get a job at Twitter decided she would take matters into her own hands. She created a website with the URL Guess what? They did!
Fred & Gladys
Whelan Stone
Executive Search and Coaching
Authors of “GOAL! Your 30 Day Career Plan for Business & Career Success”


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I'm originally from New York - lost my accent when I moved down to Florida - and made San Francisco my home in 1985. I've been recruiting & coaching for 12 years, with the best partner (Fred) you could ask for, and love what I do. When I'm not busy working I write screenplays (haven't sold one yet) and travel - Morocco this past summer was fantastic. Fred and I started this blog because we wanted to share what we've learned along the way. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we do writing it.
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